Monday, May 6, 2019

Game of Thrones Pool of Life: Bad Pet Ownership Edition

Damn, the makers of this show really hate dire wolves.  Spoilers beyond the break

They don't even want to spend a few  bucks having Jon nuzzle goodbye Ghost.  I get it that he does not want Ghost to go to King's Landing, but how about leaving it with Sansa, to protect her and Bran?  Why?  Because that would mean spending money on Ghost, and they hate Dire Wolves.  I find this more objectionable than all of the dumb stuff in the episode (like, what is stopping Cersei from  wiping out the small parlay party?). 

Yes, I got access to GoT and watched it first thing in the Berlin morning.  Or should that be mourning for the broken hearts?  Gendry should have never said "lady" and Jaime going south (ok, going to King's Landing) is just dumb plot stuff that is unrelated to all of the character work he and Brienne have done.  Ok, maybe I really did hate this episode despite the great party scenes.   Will watch again tonight because I don't have a social life while doing research.

Onto the game:
Sara is in great shape, as all of her characters are staying in the North, which went from super-dangerous to super-safe with one little stab by a little but might woman.  Brienne should have died five times last week.  Oh well, realism is not a strength in this show.
Most of the rest of the players are tied for second-ish.
  • Sam is alive and seemingly safe, and Yara is on a shelf somewhere BUT Tyrion could die by Cersei's hands, Bronn's, or Dany's.  Tyrion got Missy killed, so he may not have long to live (ok, it was Dany's hubris and unwillingness to try a better angle of attack....).  Anyhow, Rob is looking ok, but not Sara-great.
  • Caitlin is not in bad shape as Ayra is a woman with a plan and is a survivor, but is putting herself in harm's way.  Does Gendry continue to fight or does he go off to his castle?  Ah, but Greyworm is going to die as he must try to avenge Missy's death.  He has nothing to live for. 
  • Wendy is already down one, pour one out for Lady Mormont.  Sansa seems to be safe despite her scheming (that was not accidental slip of the tongue--she is playing Tyrion).  Bronn is playing a dangerous game--if Cersei finds out he didn't kill her brothers, he might be dead.  And Jaime might take him out to pre-empt.  That is what I would do.  
  • Brandon is in trouble, as Varyis is very much risking his neck.  The good news is Podrick is having a good time in Winterfell and will probably stay with Brienne.  Any chance we see the Archmaester? Not a good one.
  • Elliot had a good week as Sam's kid is surely going to outlive the rest of the folks.  But Jon and Cersie are almost like Harry and Voldemort--neither can live while the other survives.  So, either he has one survivor or none.  
  • Art had a bad week--Missy is dead.  Drogon is now vulnerable AND the producers hate CGI.  Make of that what you will.  Dany? She can't live with Jon on the throne (or Sansa) so her endgame is looking much worse than all but (insert dead Avenger here).   Art also lost the second tiebreaker as he is the only to have two dragons alive at the end.  Sorry, dude.  
Speaking of tiebreakers, Arya has not yet assassinated anyone yet (the Night King was mid-battle, not an assassination) so she needs to pile some bodies up in the next two episodes to make that tiebreaker interesting.

I have gone to Bravos to gather funds to place my bets on Sara.  The odds are very much in her favor.

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