Sunday, May 19, 2019

Game of Thrones: Pool of Life, Way More Life Edition

So, that was a far happier ending than I would have expected, which means, yes, a three way tie.  Explanations and final rulings below:

Remember the draft:
Rob, Sara and Caitlin correctly selected survivors, abetted by a season that was far less bloody for the elites than we had any reason to expect, especially with the Battle of Winterfell.  Rob did great, with two of his selections sitting in the Small Cabinet--Sam and Tyrion.  Yara was seen at the High Council, so three for three for Bob.

Sara chose the next King of Westeros and the head of the Kingsguard along with the wife to the Grand Maestor.  I guess one can be a big Maester despite not passing Maestor school. 

Caitlin chose Ayra the Explorer, Gendry of the High Council, and Greyworm who now runs the Broken Hearts Club Band.

Before getting to the tie breakers, we should note that Art would have done great if this was a deadpool given what happened to Dany and Missy. Brandon's strategy was not too shabby--one off-screen character was mentioned in the last few minutes at the delightful Small Council meeting--Ebrose but not seen.  Varys, well, he gave his life last week.  Podrick also landed on the Kingsguard so Brienne can keep kicking his ass.  Wendy chose the Lord of Coins with Bronn the Coakroach surviving and, yes, the Queen in the North.  But Lyanna the Giantslayer gave her one little life.  Elliot didn't do too badly as Jon's life was spared, predictably and unrealistically so.  That he could walk by Dothraki without them beheading him is quite unbelievable.

So, where does this leave us?  Rob predicted a baby that will never exist to sit on the throne while Sara predicted Dany, which was pretty close.  Caitlin predicted no one, which comes closest (a) because the throne was melted by Drogon; (b) Bran is not entirely there much of the time; (c) it is no longer hereditary, for now; and (d) the other tiebreakers are not helpful.  For those protesting this, well, these three predicted correctly one dragon left alive (although missing).  And Ayra had an assassination-free season so all lost by Price is Right rules. 

I thereby declare Caitin winner and Queen in the North.  I will get her address to ship her the big prize:
Games of Thrones Paper MaskOh, and I did predict that Rob and Sara would finish at the top, so I didn't do that badly myself.

Caitlin also can post at the Semi-Spew on any topic at any time of her choosing.  Congrats, Caitlin!!!

The real winners of this last season?  Those who love backlashes.  I will probably post about this last episode, which was not the worst of the season.  Woot for that!

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