Sunday, May 5, 2019

Not My First Trip to Berlin

So, what to do when I have done many of the major tourist destinations in town? I left Berlin for the day-after-flying-and-dragging day and headed to Potsdam.  While Potsdam has other attractions, such as a neat Atlas-->

The primary attraction is the park/gardens/palaces of Frederick the Great. He liked his fruits so much he had an orangerie--a building that had much space for hothouses.

It was also unique, in my experience: making visitors wear slippers over their shoes.

Meanwhile, this model gives an idea of how vast this space was with so many palaces.

I got to go inside a working windmill, which was a first for me:

and I really enjoyed this picture of Freddie the Great
Twas a beautiful day to walk a lot. 

So far, the beering, the eating, and the touristing go well.  Tomorrow, we will find out if the VPN works so I can watch Game of Thrones the interviews go as well.

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