Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Farce Is Strong!

Another busy day of tourism and tired feet at the end of the day. I will have some time tomorrow to wander around before going to the airport. The day started at the Tower of London, and then I walked to the other side of the Thames in search of the Globe Theater. I couldn't get inside as the tours were in the morning and shows in the afternoon. Then, after getting a ticket for another show, I stumbled upon a Gay Pride parade that closed down the streets around Picadilly Circus. It was pretty interesting, although the parade was quite the inchworm. The play was "39 Steps" which is apparently based on a Hitchcock movie or something. It was incredibly silly. I had expected a comedy, but actually was wondering earlier in the day where the British farces had gone. No need to worry, as this play was quite the farce, with four actors but numerous roles played by all but the lead. The staging was great, but is hard to describe, as they manipulated doors and windows to great comic effect, and swayed on trunks to portray a train ride.

So, a few observations:
  • I love the two British-isms on the Tube: Mind the Gap and Way Out (instead of exit). Both have other meanings that make a tube journey more fun that it might otherwise be.
  • Was disappointed to see no Reduced Shakespeare Company products at the Globe Theatre gift store.
  • I didn't find any way to celebrate the Fourth of July while in the former colonial power. I should have brought a USA t-shirt or something. But stumbling upon a gay pride parade seemed to be in the spirit of the occasion.
  • I couldn't quite find the place I stayed for seven weeks as part of an educational program in the late spring/summer after my junior year of college. There was enough change that the obvious markers were gone. Definitely a more lively neighborhood now.
  • Watching the women's doubles on TV---doubles is far more entertaining than either men;s or women's singles.
And on Sarah Palin quitting the governorship, well, seems like a poor strategy for demonstrating leadership, but her path will be non-traditional all the way. The Republican primaries promise to be entertaining, but it is too ealry to predict anything. Remember, last time around, who would have guessed that Barack Obama would win the primary and be an effective campaigner (aided by a collapsing economy and an inept Republican campaign)?

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Anonymous said...

Remember, Luke never finished his training before he returned to the fight. Quitting in the middle is a time-honored tradition. Like stealing third base, it's great when it works.