Thursday, July 2, 2009

Long Day in London, Short Post

Not much blogging today, as I had a very long day at a workshop on NATO and the future of peacebuilding. I was a bit of a scold by suggesting on the final panel of the day that the Afghanistan experience will turn off pretty much all NATO members, making it unlikely that the organization will agree to do any peacebuilding in the near to medium term. This is a logical, if unpleasant, implication of the work I have been doing on the civil-military relations of the countries operating in Afghanistan.

Since that is perhaps depressing, I thought I would mention a great line from the fight scene in Anchorman, which I scanned on the flight to London. From the PBS newsman (played by Tim Robbins): No commercials, No Mercy!!!"

The one London note is that I must say that I love the way the Brits pronounce "schedule."

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