Monday, July 20, 2009

Manic Monday Safety Tip of the Week

Eating in Cars: Not So Safe. Well sure, but starving is a bad idea, too. Plus falling asleep is a bad idea as well. So, I am glad that I only really end up with one item on the list--hamburgers. Only on cross-country trips will I have some super-hot McD's coffee.

Good luck getting drivers not to eat. Given that people text while driving (which is insane to me), I doubt you will see real restrictions on eating and drinking non-alcoholic stuff anytime soon.

But if you do, opt for the cooler beverages and the less messy food. I find subs to be much worse than hamburgers, which actually are not so challenging. Perhaps it is because I have been eating burgers while driving since I started driving.

PS Hat tip to Will Moore for spotting this.

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