Saturday, July 11, 2009

Palin and Me: Two Peas in a Self-Centered Pod?

While we ought to leave Sarah Palin alone as she goes off to tend to her gardening and whatever else she plans to do with her free time, I cannot help myself.

I read a piece on her that indicates that those closest to her (as well as the media) considered her to be a narcissist, even perhaps more than the average politician. I forget where I originally read it, but a quick google search indicated that this has been a widely reviewed topic, making it hard for me to find my source.

As a self-admitted narcisist (see the sidebar of my blog), I really have only one thought--what does this say about me? Readers?

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Suzanne Lanoue said...

I can't really blame her for being conceited, given how much attention the media has lavished on her...