Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HP Mania (No Spoilers)

Performing due diligence as your blogger, I saw HP and the Half-Blood Prince today at the very first non-midnight showing. Who is kidding whom? I have no patience and saw it the first chance I got. I will not review it here any time soon as there are spoilers to be had, even if you have read the books as there are some additional scenes, some subtracted ones, and some key alterations. It all works very, very well. But here is a review that gets to the heart of the matter without giving too much away. Don't read it if you want a completely unspoiled viewing, but the review does not give much away.

And see it soon. As the movie is very, very good (but the book is better still). It may be the most enjoyable movie of the summer thus far, although I will have to debate that with the family after they see it. The only competitor thus far is Star Trek.

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