Friday, July 24, 2009

Twit of the Year Contest: Ask the Reader

Monty Python had a great skit for a Twit contest that, I think, was responsible for introducing the word "twit" into the American vocabulary. And whenever anyone starts talking about twitter, it is this skit that I think of first.

So, the question du jour is: what does one tweat about? I have signed up for twitter, to the disgust of my daughter, less to post as I have an outlet via this blog and more to follow the tweats of interesting folks like ESPN's Sports Guy, Rainn Wilson (The Office), Susan Silverman (I @#$# Matt Damon), etc.

Actually, the best part thus far of Twitter has been to block the random followers who have tried to follow me. This blog is open to the masses, but I think twittering will be a relatively private affair unless I can figure out a persona/patter.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think everyone who reads this blog will follow your tweets. Instant success!

Put a twitter box on the blog so people can move with one-touch.