Saturday, September 5, 2009

APSA Update: Caveats Rock!

I meant to blog earlier about APSA, but I have been distracted by the actual conference.

I presented the Dave and Steve paper on Caveats that is built on the research earlier this summer in Europe and is part of the larger book project that is now gaining momentum. Dave stayed in DC, delegating to me the job of presenting the paper. It went very, very well. The panel's papers actually talked to teach other, and our paper was the last one presented.

I had struggled ahead of time how to summarize the three cases, but figured out that there is a Tale of Three Omelets [Observer, Mentor, Liaison Teams] that illustrates the CA, FR, and GER approaches in Afghanistan.

The paper received the most questions--friendly, interested ones, not hostile (are you mad?) questions. The feedback was most useful, and I look forward to revising in the next month so that we can submit it.

Today, I serve as discussant. More later.

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