Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Read This!!!

There was a column written that suggests what the poor girl might have missed, spending years being kidnapped, in the way of sports news. And this post suggests that what is now considered the worst sports column ever is likely to make money for the site because it is so very bad. This, of course, is the very same dynamic that has been driving the GOP and its propaganda machine the past several months--the more stupid you are, the more eyeballs will see your crap.

The internet is amazing and I cannot begin to suggest how many different ways it has improved my ability to do my job. But the ease of transmission of information does not necessary mean that the best information will flow the fastest (unless it is an SNL viral video involving Justin Timberlake), but that actually it might provide the strongest leg up for the very worst stuff (not just p-rn).

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