Monday, September 7, 2009

The September To Do List

Professors are always frustrated when folks think that we only work a few hours a week in the classroom. But, we profs shouldn't get too uptight about this misperception. Below, I am putting my list of things I need to do this month just to help clarify what our job includes and also for me to figure out what I am going to have to do next month that I forgot to do this month:

  1. Lecturing Intro to IR three times a week until it goes back to two times a week towards the end of the month--not much prep required as I have taught this class many times.
  2. Lead seminar on advanced graduate research. This requires some prep since I was dumb enough to assign new reading. This course also involves a speaker series, but I have a fantastic post-doc (pre-doc?) helping to run the details.
  3. One dissertation proposal defense.
  4. Multiple dissertations that I am chairing, so drafts coming in and going out.
  5. Heaps of questions from students in the Intro to IR class as it is the first class for many, and they will not be working with their TAs until the end of the month.
  6. Interviewing several potential undergrad research assistants for a year long position.
  7. Revising the APSA paper so that it can be submitted to a journal.
  8. Start using the APSA paper as the basis for the chapters of the book, which will be the focal point of my efforts later this fall and through the spring.
  9. Finish the SSHRC grant application.
  10. Write a 2000 word essay on the future of NATO peacekeeping as payment for my trip to London in July.
  11. Discuss another project with a different co-author.
  12. Appear at least once on CTV (Montreal) with whom I have an on-going relationship and perhaps a few other media outlets as Afghanistan becomes prominent in the news again whenever the election results are announced.
  13. Act as a Sauve Mentor, which includes meeting with the student and going to a reception this month.
  14. Write letters of recommendation for current and past undergrad and grad students.
  15. Peer review one article and one book.
  16. Participate in the department's orientation festivities.
  17. Avoid any additional departmental service obligations.
  18. Await my destiny.
Again, I love my job and I enjoy most of these talks. The hard part is just keeping track of all of them and making sure not too many of them slip. The analogy I always use is juggling--I am not so concerned about dropping a particular ball but tripping over those already on the floor.

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