Monday, September 7, 2009

Man Men #4 [Spoilers]

I am watching Mad Men via iTunes as the program is not broadcast in Canada. It was last year, but not now.

Anyhow, there were two epiphanies in last night's episode. I will focus here on mine, rather than the wife of a certain someone.

I tended, I guess, to be much more sympathetic to Betty Draper than other folks, as her husband is a cad (although I, too, find Don Draper/Jon Hamm to be super-cool). That she is a crappy mother was something that I found funny--yelling at her daughter about the plastic bag on her head in season 1--because of the possibility of wrinkled laundry. But last night was, indeed, a turning point for me. Her lack of support for her daughter during a time of grief was predictable perhaps, but less forgivable than her previous sins. I now see Betty for her ice queen/spoiled child personality, despite the fact that she is still the victim of Don's dishonesty.

One semi-epiphany--the meaning of a Draper--someone who covers up and obscures by putting drapes on windows perhaps?

The show this week was of a very different tone than last week, but still rocked. If you are not watching, you are missing some great TV--great acting, great writing, and great production values.

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