Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mad Men in the Skies?

My flight from Montreal to Toronto felt like a step back in time. I am new to Porter Airlines, which flies turbo props in and out of Toronto. Walking on the plane, the flight attendants (2 for a small-ish plane!) were wearing throwback uniforms, complete with box-shaped hats. The interior of the plane was new, I got a free beer (a local brand--Steamwhistle--first beer in a can in quite some time) with my lunch, and the service was friendly. I even got a real glass to go with the beer--even though I was not in first class!

To be clear, there was no Don Draper-esque outcome. No interactions with Porter personnel after I got to the hotel.

The airport is small so I got my bag quickly. The airport is on an island about 100 yards from Toronto's shore, so there is a five minute ferry, and then a free shuttle to the center of downtown.

But a very nice start to the APSA, combined with fantastic weather and free internet in the hotel.


Theo McLauchlin said...

Awesome. Am also flying Porter for the first time... you're giving me something to look forward to.

BeulahS said...

They actually gave youy lunch! Wow!

Jacob T. Levy said...

Somehow I was even more amazed by the real glasses than I was by the complimentary wine or beer. Agreed all around-- that was a nice flight!