Monday, September 14, 2009

Canadian Pre-Campaign Ads

Since I am laptopping while watching the Patriots-Bills, I am once again frustrated by the limited variety of ads on the Canadian feed.

So, I have seen the same negative ad, where the Conservatives blast Ignatieff, focusing on a few key sins:
  • possibility of "reckless" coalition (tying Iggy to last winter's possibility of a coalition with the NDP (left/greenish party) and Bloc Quebecois (separatist party);
  • tying Iggy to his American past--playing upon anti-Americanism;
  • blaming Iggy for another election (we have had a bunch the past few years here).
There has not been an election called yet, but all sides are preparing for it. The supposed virtue of parliamentary systems is that the election season is supposed to be short. Not anymore. Sigh.

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