Monday, February 8, 2010

Blogging Overdose?

No blog posting until 6pm?  Is it because I burned out after last night's running live blog during the Super Bowl?

Nope, went skiing with my daughter, who had the day off.  And what did I learn from that experience?
  • My daughter is now pretty darn fast--if I turn at all, she can pass me.  But on the steeps, I still have her.  Well, for perhaps this season.
  • She is pretty darn fast, humor-wise as well.  On the last gondola ride of the day, one of the other riders was giving candy-bars to his skiing partners, and then offered my daughter one.  She hesitated, joking that she does not take candy from strangers.  I spent the next 15 minutes laughing. 
  • I was initially reluctant to go since I had a miserable car experience last night before the big game--stuck in a ditch in the snow on an unpaved road.  But my daughter cajoled me/guilted me into going, and it was quite worth it.  The conditions were better than I expected, despite the fact that it has snowed far more in the the mid-Atlantic states than up here.  So, I learned, dangerously, that my daughter can be right and I can be wrong.  Not a good lesson as we enter her second year of teenager-ness this week.
I hope those in DC, Baltimore and everywhere else are getting power back and will not get hit that hard by the next snowfall.   Good luck!

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