Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spotty Conference Attendence (Lost spoilers)

I am at the ISA, but had a chance to watch Lost via since I failed to sleep late.  Spoilers, as usual, below the break.

I just love the fact that Locke was supposed to attend a conference and blew it off, as I am at a conference, and I will attend some but not all of it.  It is why I had to watch this morning rather than last night, as Mardi Gras cannot be taped or watched the next day.  And still, one hour of Lost was a heap more fun, especially this one.

So, by the end of the episode, do we have relatively content Locke in 2004 LA and bitter F-Locke in 2007 Island?  Seems that way.  Hmmm.

First, real Locke.  Starts out mostly the same, Hugo intervenes, not unlike Jacob, to give him a job, and then Rose intervenes to move him off the denial step.  So, Rose is still going to die, and accepted it as a result of her trip Down Under, since that trip, if folks remember, was supposed to cure her with some magic.  For her, this future is both good and bad--acceptance but inevitable death.  Her Island destiny would have been a long life if Jack hadn't blown up the island.  So, she dies either way.  Sad, but a great character.

Ooops, Locke.  So anyway, Locke keeps facing a series of challenges--mostly related to his unreliable van.  But he finally tells the truth and Helen loves him.  What more could you ask for?  Well, legs that work, of course, but this seems a pretty nice resolution, as Locke is really best suited to be a teacher given that he possesses not just knowledge about stuff (as he repeatedly displayed over the previous seasons), but an enthusiasm for the stuff.  So, happy ending (no intentional pun for the subject of his first class--sex ed), right? 

Um, well that is the big question since Ben is there!!!  But he seems like such a nice coffee addict!  Hmmm.   If he left the Island at the time of the incident, then Ben has already been shot and healed by the magic waters at the Temple.  Which means that Ben is probably, at the core, not a great guy.  So, Locke's story off the Island clearly has more to it, as Ben's alt-reality needs some 'splaining.

One big hanging thread--who is going to be at the wedding of Locke and Helen?  His dad?????   Oh my.  That is a big, big unanswered question.  So Lost gives answers, sort of, and then produces more questions.  An endless mind@#$#$, indeed.

Island F-Locke and Sawyer--these guys have such great chemistry.  This was so much fun with such great interplay and writing.  The writers clearly love to write for these two guys.  All the scenes between the two crackle.  "I don't give a damn if you're dead."  Sawyer has been on the Island long enough not to care too much about stuff that should be impossible.  I love that he realizes instantly that F-Locke is not Locke--no fear (just like Daredevil!).

Is why you are on the Island really the most important question?  Hmmm.  And we get the answer--F-Locke's take anyway--Jacob's fault.
I love that F-Locke gets to see hallucinations--except Sawyer (but not Richard) can see .  Young Jacob-esque boy.  Hmmm.  More mystery especially with who can and cannot see him.  Plus another great line "Hell, yeah, I can see him!"

F-Locke chases him and has another great moment: "You know the rules" followed by the quintessential Locke line "Don't tell me what I can't do."  Whereas Rose precisely and clearly tells Locke who finally seems to get it in alt 2004 that there are things he cannot do.

 Anyhow, F-Locke and Sawyer keep walking and F-Locke says that he was once a man (that Mice and Men was after his time--which is a clue [introduce Blue's Clues song here]).  But trapped.
Sawyer still wants to live, as we see by his reluctance to climb the ladder, but is a willing candidate (hee, hee) for F-Locke followership.  And then we see the cave with the scale with black and white rocks.  "An inside joke."  Playing with the audience again.  And we are loving it.

Three choices--protect an Island that needs no protecting (so he says), die, or leave.  Seems like some really nice agenda-setting/framing by F-Locke, like any charismatic leader.   We must keep remembering that F-Locke is only telling Sawyer his view of things, so it could be lies, or not.  But a fun aside here: "Jacob has a thing for numbers"!!!!  Another great line. 

Why does F-Locke need followers?  Why leave together or die alone?   More mysteries, but I am not frustrated as this episode moved things along briskly, had great scenes with great lines.

Oh, and the third plotline--burying the real Locke.  Note the sexism involved--only men dig.  Great moments here as well: Ben saying that Locke was a man of faith, better than I will ever be, and I am sorry that I murdered him!!!  And the others are stunned but only Frank reacts with "This is the weirdest damn show/funeral (couldn't tell which) I have been to."  Not a lot with this one, but again moving things along.

Minor note:
Love that Smokey vision (as F-Locke moves about the island with the camera as his point of view) comes with Smokey-sounds.

Fun lines besides the other ones mentioned:
"What are the odds of you running into a spinal surgeon?  It must be destiny"  Yes, the Lost creators are deliberately messing with us.

"He's recruiting"  wonderfully ominous.

"Here's to being dead."  Sawyer toast.  Lovely.

Hugo on Randy: "That guy is a huge douche!"

Because I have limited time, I cannot and have not read the various blogs to get clarifications or other takes.  All I can say is that if anyone complains about this episode too much, maybe they shouldn't be watching.  It was terrific, even on my small laptop screen.

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