Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Opening

I didn't watch too much of the opening ceremonies, but was delighted to hear Bob Costas try to explain to Americans this mysterious country to  the north.  Hmm, the Queen, really.  Oh well.

The NYT has a good piece that combines snark and admiration:

The ceremony was long, a little dull at times, but it was also thoughtful and stirring. It was authentically and unabashedly Canadian.
Is the reviewer suggesting that Canadians can be dull but thoughtful and stirring as well?   Hmm.

Friday’s ceremony was not a cast-of-thousands spectacle, and no children were subjected to voice dubbing, though a doping committee may want to look into what the aboriginal people were taking that enabled them to dance without stopping for three hours straight.
 I was wondering the same.  How could they keep it up for so long?  How very un-American to provide such a prominent stage for such a small minority.  Canadians do think more about their identity and their multiculturalism than Americans do, I think.  That was demonstrated pretty clearly last night.

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