Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost Prop Bets [spoilers for folks who have not seen all of season 5]

I mentioned during my post on the mysteries of Lost that I might post some prop bets.  Because the choice is to do this or read another dissertation chapter, I am posting the prop bet column.

First, what is a proposition or prop bet?  For the Super Bowl, this pic is the best illustration:

Folks not only bet on the game itself, but on various possible outcomes within the game: who is the MVP?  Who scores first?  How many fumbles are there?  In Monday's podcast by Bill Simmons (ESPN's Sports Guy), he and "Cousin Sal" agree that the best one is probably whether Peyton Manning with throw a touchdown in the second half of the game.

Ok, so what kind of prop bets (as opposed to drinking games) can we suggest?
  • What year will most of the action of this season take place?  
    • 3-2 that it is 2007, the year the Ajira flight crashed.
    • 5-1 that it is 2004, the year Oceanic 815 crashed.
    • 6-1 that it is 2010, the present day.
    • 10-1 that it is some other time.
  • Where will the action mostly take place?
    • 3-5 that it will be on the Island.
  • The over/under of the original castaways dying this year (and this bet is a push if the series ends with the lives and deaths of all over the course of time a la Six Feet Under)?  Those who count are: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke, Sawyer, Jin, Sun.
    •  Two.  
  •  That more than half of the aforementioned will have some kind of happy ending.
    • 3-1
  •  Hurley will eat to excess.
    • 5-3
  • Juliet remains dead.
    • 2-1
  • The rebooting worked
    • 3-2
    • Some/most of the characters remember the alternative time line: 3-2.
  • Who wins the ultimate battle:
    • Jacob: 2-1
    • Man in Black: 3-1
    • Neither: 5-2
  •  We will find out why Aaron's predicted life scared the psychic?
    • 10-1--my guess is that this gets entirely ignored.
  • Number of tailies that appear in this season for more than just a flashback?  
    • Over/under is 3 (and that includes Bernard).
  • Penny and Des live happily ever after
    • 5-2
  • Charles Widmore does not.
    • 4-3
  • Ben has a happy ending
    • 25-1
  •  Will the Lost-viewing public be satisfied by this season?
    • 5-2
  • Will I be satisfied by the way the show finishes?
    • 3-2 (I am relatively easy to please).
Any obvious prop bets I missed?

Enjoy the show!

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