Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Lost Thoughts on Kate Does

Just a couple of thoughts after reading various blogs

The Pop Culture Savant is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs.  I don't entirely buy into the Kate/Lilly suck argument, but I do like this speculation:
Quick thought #2- the "poison" pill will turn out to be filled with the same ash that the Others use to keep Smokey at bay. I'm calling it right now.
Not sure it is really that important but a fun idea nonetheless.

This, though, is wrong:
In 'The Incident', Bram asks Ilana if she thinks Lapidus is "a candidate". In "What Kate Does" Dogen says that Sayid has been "claimed"... My guess? They are referring to the same thing... Place your bets folks!
I think the candidate stuff is related to these guys are special (on lists).  The claiming, I think, is something else--more directly related to Man In Black/Fake Locke perhaps.

I'm always willing to put story ahead of logic especially on a show like Lost, but I couldn't help feeling it was completely absurd for pregnant Claire to take Kate up on an offer for a ride after just abducting her at gunpoint. On the other hand, it speaks volumes to the idea that Kate, Claire and Aaron's destinies are inextricably linked in some fashion that we can't yet comprehend. Along those same lines, I'm now further convinced than ever that Aaron is a pivotal figure in the over-arching Lost mythology.
Ah. That makes more sense, sort of.  That is, I had a hard time buying Claire getting back into the cab, as well. But the magical connections provides some motivation for an irrational leap of faith.  Also, I had some doubt that the mystery of Aaron would be addressed this season as I was not sure it was important for advancing the plot/characterization of the survivors.  No doubt now, Aaron is a key pivot on which much of this season will turn.

And the teaser for next episode promises more action and more FLocke:

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