Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ISI Leads the Way?

Ok, I am really confused and it has nothing to do with Lost.

Today, Pakistani and US folks captured Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, apparently the most senior military commander of the Taliban.  And the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence service led the way.  I am confused since the ISI has long been an obstacle to any success against the Taliban.  So, does this mean the ISI is now fighting the Taliban?  Does it mean that Baradar has simply outlived his usefulness to the ISI?  Is there a split in the ISI?  I have no clue as I am not an expert on Pakistan, but I doubt that these folks have a strong grasp on this either. 

But it bears watching and is a highly significant event.  Are things starting to turn in Afghanistan?  We need to gather all the data that Kilcullen recommends (in the past several posts on A-stan here and at ricks.foreignpolicy.com).  Too soon to tell, but the news thus far is not bad at all, and could be good. 

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Anonymous said...

Is this a means of setting up negotiations, identifying and neutralizing/eliminating obstacles to such negotions? I wonder if there are actual interrogations going on or pre-negotiations. Wasn't KSM apprehended just before Pakistan was set to vote against the US in the UNSC vis a vis Iraq. My point is the ISI may see an opening to achieve what they want/need in Kabul and is looking to make a move. BTW I'm happy to say it appears New Orleans is as cold as Ottawa today , enjoy your time.