Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic Reactions, Canada-Style

I am off to the slopes today so the blogging is going to be light and late today, but before I head out, I must say that I am most amused by this juxtaposition:
  • the Canadian Women's Hockey Team wins, swills beer and champagne and earns the Intl Olympic Committee's ire in the process.  Hey, they are competitors and they are all above the drinking age.  Drinking on the ice vs in the locker room?  Who cares?  Some honest emotions--celebrate!
  • On the other hand, the Canadians I know are getting quite smug about the rematch in Men's Hockey with Team USA.  I would not be surprised by a Canadian victory, but I would also not be surprised if the hubris that is now present leads to disappointment.  This display is challenging the reputation of Canada as a polite country.  
Of course, I am conflicted, as I like to see the joy of the women, but not so thrilled by the arrogance of Canadians (not the players, but the public) before they have won the game.  I guess I believe that one should earn it before one flaunts it.   On the other hand, Canadian nationalism is, well, kind of cute.

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