Monday, July 5, 2010

Irony Du Jour

So, chess is a game where you have to think several moves ahead, but Bobby Fischer, chessman extraordinaire, did not leave a will when he died.  And now his body has been exhumed to gain some DNA to see if a boy is an heir.  I don't know much about Fischer, but given his age when he died (65), he could not have been that surprised.  So, the lack of a will is a decision, not an omission.  Given the rival claims on his estate, one must wonder if he chose to deliberately foster conflict as an enduring legacy.  He must have been able to anticipate this outcome, given his Chess skills.*

But then again, people often tend not to apply their job/hobby skills to their lives.  I moved to Quebec, without seriously thinking about the possibility of independence or, at least, secessionist efforts, despite my own work on separatism.

Still, it is ironic that the man died without an apparent endgame.  But then again, that might have been the move he planned.

*  And I have chess on my mind as it plays a central role in at least the first season of The Wire (I am almost through the first season in my effort this summer to watch the series).

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