Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?

For good advice?  Not Whoopi Goldberg.  Jezebel (which I think was largely wrong about the Daily Show) has a top fifteen list. 

So far, she has defended:
  • 8 year old girls doing Single Ladies--one can see possibly taking this position
  • Jesse James, who cheated on America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock--not defensible.
  • Harry Reid using Negro.  Whatever.
  • Tiger Woods.  Sure, boy's got to play?
  • Roman Polanski.  Statutory rape is ok if it is in the past and done by an artiste.
  • moon landing deniers.  This is where she clearly jumped the shark.
  • Michael Phelps for smoking pot.  Sure, she seems to be high, so that should be ok.
  • Wesley Snipes as the IRS was unreasonably agitated for his five years of tax evasion.
  • Michael Vick who was utterly contemptible and now merely stupid.
 I guess there is a consistency here--that lots of folks are victims and she sides with them, no matter how awful they might be.  I wonder what her take is on serial killers. 

I guess if people listen to Dick Cheney and Glenn Beck, then they can watch Whoopi as well.  She used to be intentionally funny, but now she is unintentionally funny.  Not a good move.

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