Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pondering TV Alternative Realities

I have become a big fan of several TV critics who have blogs/postcasts, especially Alan Sepinwall based in NJ and Tim Goodman who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle.  The latter's podcast, the TV Talk Machine, is far more, ahem, free-ranging (that would be less focused) and more aimed at being comedic.  And is very successful at doing so.  I have now been inspired to write into the TV Talk Machine twice and have had both letters read.  First, I asked them who to cast on my Hogan's Heroes re-make.

In the most recent podcast, in the aftermath of a new show replacing its entire cast, I asked Tim and his fellow pod-casters what show had a great premise but could be re-cast, and if so, casting whom?  They enjoyed the letter, but punted for the time being on answering the question.  So, I ask my readers: which TV show had a great premise but could have been better with a different cast?

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