Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Camp: The More Things Change

Cover story of the NYT focuses on Camp Half-Blood, where the tales of Percy Jackson are played out for kids.  Nice idea and probably as much or more fun than the quidditch games college students are now playing. I guess the NYT writers/editors are not the only folks who want to go back to summer camp. 

A good friend of mine is returning to work for a week or two at my old camp.  I'd love to do that, even if you cannot go home again as everyone there would be different and the place would be different, too.  The funny thing is you would think that the academic lifestyle would make it easy to go away to a summer camp for a week or two, but the reality is that this is time to get stuff done.  Going off the grid for a week or two, in addition to the yearly family trip and to research trips, is actually pretty hard to do. 

Perhaps I should make that a reward for finishing the current book as well as a way to celebrate 25 years since my last summer at my favorite place.  Something to think about.  Summer days ....

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