Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mad about Mad Men

The series is approaching!  Check out some pics to get excited. I wonder what habits/norms they will depict that will appall us today.  In the past, they have presented:
  • How un-seriously folks viewed drunk driving.
  • How at least one parent was more concerned about the dry cleaning and not how the kid was using the plastic bag in which the dry cleaning was delivered.
  • Horrible treatment of women, gays, minorities, disabled folks (including those disabled by John Deere lawn mowers).
  • Terrible NY divorce laws that may only be changing in 2010.
  • Not to mention how smoking was viewed then.
and so on.  Plus the show has great writing, acting, scene design, and all the rest.  Must set DVR!!!

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Tony Kondaks said...

I can't forget the one scene in which the Draper family was out in the country somewhere beside the road having a picnic and after it was over, Don just threw all their junk into the surrounding foliage instead of bagging it and throwing it in a trash can.

I guess we all did stuff like that back then.