Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rank Rankings

Montreal has been deemed second happiest place on the planet
Montreal is clean, welcoming and refreshingly multicultural, according to Lonely Planet. In a nod to the city's harsh winters, it noted that Montreal is especially happy and lively in the summer months.
The Just for Laughs festival and the Latin Quarter also drew raves.
I thought the ranking was a bit screwy, and then to see the city considered clean makes me ponder what is the  basis of comparison.  Lonely Planet did the ranking, so perhaps this outcome makes sense since this is an excellent city for tourists, especially single ones I would guess.  The fests are terrific and the city is very multicultural.

But folks who live here are pretty frustrated by the city administrators who have grand plans but could not implement a peanut butter sandwich without cost over-runs, trouble with unions, and screwing it up.  

My usual quote about living here is that I love Montreal and hate Quebec due to the nationalist costs.  I do enjoy how dynamic Montreal is, how it appears to be the case that it is illegal to have a lousy restaurant (very Darwinian business here), the Just for Laughs festival, the ultimate frisbee scene, and the society in general.  So, I probably should take this ranking and run with it, but I do fear that it would allow politicians to say: we are just fine, thanks.

Anyhow, Montreal is a great place to visit, and living here is worth it even it is more costly than it should be be.

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Chris C. said...

Remember, this is Lonely Planet here, so I expect the Nationalist aspects make it more appropriately "exotic" for their clientele. "Ooh, that sign's in a language I don't understand! It must be cultural [and therefore I am cultural!]."