Friday, July 9, 2010

Lost Again?!

My daughter wanted to watch the first five seasons of Lost after having watched only the last one.  I, of course, went along with this.  I am not going to post commentaries on each episode as we go along, but a few thoughts will pop up along the way:
  • Ghost Walt in season 2 cannot be the Man in Black since Walt is not dead, unless MIB lied in the big conversation with Jack.  During the final season, I began to view Ghost Walt as MIB as part of his ploy to turn Sayid to the dark side by setting up Shannon to be killed.  But again, Walt was not dead, just missing.
  • Speaking of hallucinations, Kate and Sawyer saw Kate's horse and she touched it.  Sure, the horse could have been MIB, but it seems hard to understand how that would have made sense as part of any MIB scheme.
  • Smokey makes noise at times and not at others.  Interesting.
  • People seem to remember Jack as being very annoying, but in the second season, he was ok.  The vote for most annoying character in the series, and, definitely in the second season should go to Michael.  His obsession with his son is already way over the top, endangering everyone else long before he starts shooting at Tailies.
  • Speaking of which, it is fun to see how little game Hurley has when first interacting with Libby. She was very much interested in him, but he had no clue.  Hurley just rocks!
Anyhow, more random thoughts as we proceed.  Season one was so much fun--I had few thoughts on it as it was just a great ride the second time.


Chip said...

re: horse, I think there were things about the island that never got explained, including the whole sense you get esp early seasons that what you want etc. happens on the island. This might fit with Jensen's Island as sentient being thesis, where the Island is tapping into consciousnesses and creating stuff from them... But the Lost creators did say they didn't plan to explain everything.
I also remember how cool it was that Libby had been in the insane asylum with Hurley and he didn't even seem to know... That's another thing I wished they'd gone into more, Libby's insanity. maybe in the sequel...

Steve Saideman said...

Yeah, once of the big downsides of the finale was that the Hurley-Libby connection in Alt LA lost lots of oomph.

And, yes, they were not going to explain everything, but it starts to pile up early. Like Charlie's fascination with Aaron and vivid dreams--not explained. Almost makes him as annoying as Michael.

Spew Jr. said...

for the smokey thing, he makes noise when he's going to attack. when we saw him just passing by he wasnt making noise cuz he was just travelling from one place to another