Saturday, November 26, 2011

Political Science: The Store

I was talking to my nieces about their shopping preferences and one of them mentioned Anthropologie, which is a clothes store.  I was amused but then it began to make sense.  Anthropologists study various cultures, and what is more cultural than clothes/fashion.  So, of course, I had to ponder the notion of a Political Science store.

What would it sell?  Not clothes as our breed has pretty lame taste as a general rule.  I was thinking tables, heaps of them.  Mostly squares, as in 2 by 2s.  What else?  Arrows?  Policy advice?  No, that would be silly.  Who would buy policy advice from political scientists?!  I mean, we make terrible National Security Advisers. Perhaps suggestions on how to combat zombies?

I am very open to suggestions.  What do my readers think?


Matthias Heilke said...

"PoliSci" sells guns (obvious). Except for its Quebec branches, "Sciences Po", which sells balaclavas.

ali said...

Leather seats.

Why does "Guns & Furniture" sound like a good combo?

SamStanton said...

Guns, tents, and self-help guides for creating insurgent rebel organizations.

Anonymous said...

A series of survival guides and for dummies books perhaps.

Anonymous said...

chess sets