Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Canadian Tourism Question

Due to the vagaries of conference and research schedules, my tour of Canadian cities over the past ten years has hit the following hotspots:
  • Edmonton. Inspiration for this post, as tonight will be my second trip.
  • Vancouver.  Once for the Canadian Political Science Association.  And, yes, I only went to the CPSA that year because it was in Vancouver.
  • Toronto.  Multiple times for ISA's, one APSA (Americans got all fussy about going abroad for the American Political Science Assn meeting), a smaller conference, and that's it.
  • Ottawa.  Many times for research, job talk, moving prep, etc.
  • Kingston. Multiple conferences.
  • Halifax. Once for my first CPSA.  Enjoyed the city so much, had so little to do at the conference.
  • Chicoutimi.  Airshow last summer.
  • Quebec City.  One presentation.
  • Hamilton/London.  Presentations.
So, the question is: which should be my next Canadian destination?   If I could convince someone to invite me to speak or participate in a workshop, which city should I target?  As I am traveling this evening, I thought I would ponder future travel possibilities.  What say you, oh Canadian readers?

And, yes, what I would really, really like to do is go to Banff or Whistler NOW as I have not yet skied this winter at all.  Crappy conditions in the otherwise fun ski areas near Montreal.


Anonymous said...

I hear Yellowknife is simply stunning this time of year...

Anonymous said...

As you will soon be leaving wonderful Montreal soon for the exotic destination of Ottawa, you should consider visiting other parts of Quebec...Like the Beauce area...Possibly next Tuesday...A somewhat not-so-random thought :)