Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life Imitates Viral Video

As I am currently enjoying the longest possible transition from accepting a job to starting it, I will have many occasions to ponder the move.

So, yesterday, I drove to and from Ottawa to hand off some stuff at a school that will be considering my daughter for admission. I then got to get a key to my new office.  And I had this kind of experience:

I love my new office.  The chair is super-comfortable. I get to control the room's temperature, the window opens, the view is interesting, the furniture is designed for the 21st century.  The staff are super-friendly and helpful. I enjoyed lunch with a couple of colleagues to be.  I enjoyed driving in Ottawa with the ability to turn right on red and smooth roads and no netting under the overpasses.  I experimented by driving south to see how quickly one can get out of town and into the hinterlands.  Even in slow roads due to snow, the answer: not very long.  So, that will shape our house-shopping. 

So, the move does not take place until summer (depending on house selling/buying), but weeee!


Anonymous said...

Err, I hate to say it, but isn't all of Ottawa hinterland?

Mrs. Spew said...

And they sold that video to the commercial for a nice sum, so you know what you have to do here -- dance, monkey boy, dance! And tape it on your cursed smart phone.