Monday, February 27, 2012

Concussions: The More Things Change

I watched enough games this year to see that the new concussion rules for the NFL were observed sometimes but not always.  There would be times where a player clearly took a major hit to the head and then came back into the game. 

More evidence: this story.  The San Diego Chargers essentially ended Kris Dielman's career.  Well done.  You would think by now that the on-going snowball of lawsuits might make a difference.  Of course not.  And with the owners still pushing for an 18-game season, the concussion problem is clearly not being taken that seriously.  I am at the stage of giving the NFL one more season, and if I see players continue to be sent back in after sustaining concussion, I may stop watching.  It will not affect the NFL, but I will feel less complicit nonetheless.

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