Friday, February 17, 2012

Deja Vu All Over Again

The same folks who so wanted the Iraq war are lining up to sign letters to advocate war against Syria.  Hardly unpredictable at all. But my question is this: did they ask Paul (Jerry) Bremer, the king of occupied failure, to sign it?  Or did they not have the cajones to ask him to go away?  After all, Bremer presided over the biggest @#$&-up east of Katrina-ed New Orleans.    His name on the letter devalues it by about 100 units. 

Right now, pretty much every reasonable person is saying that using force against Syria is mighty complicated, just as using force is mighty complicated against Iran.  Given that the US has fought two long wars over the past ten years and has probably not been all that successful (that success is even hard to measure) and at great costs (measured in trillions of dollars--these guys don't care about the casualties, right Peter Munson?), one would think that a bit of caution is in order, right?

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