Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spew Travel Rules

  • Stuff relevant to my research almost always happens when I am out of town.  NATO changing date for transition in Afghanistan essentially to 2013 while I am traveling far across Canada (yes, it is a big country) and then while I am in a workshop all day.  Cuts down on the media whore-dom.   Shucks.
    • By the way, this is messing with my publication schedules--wanted to get next books out in 2013/14 while Afghanistan is still quite relevant rather than distant memory (and yes, once troops are out of harm's way, folks in West [media] will forget about Afghanistan).
    • Oh, and my quick take--2014 was a fairly arbitrary date so 2013 is not so radical.
  • Always get the slowest cabbie.  Oh, not a rule, just tendency when one is already behind.
  • Always check in online, even if Air Canada kicks you off the second plane because your first is delayed even though the second is delayed. 
  • Workshops always start late but too late, so this post will be short.

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