Monday, February 13, 2012

Humblebrag and Swag

When folks mention my blog when they chat with me at conferences and such, I tend to blush and stammer. Why?  Because I have no filter here and the posts are a hodgepodge of instant criticism, assorted silliness, and random ramblings.  I do not feel any sense of shame when folks compliment me on my books or articles because they have been vetted by someone (although I have always sucked at taking a compliment).  Blogging carries risks of saying stupid stuff that will last a lifetime, so folks do ask why bother?  After all, since I don't have any advertising, there is no money to be made.

I now have an answer: swag!  Yep, I just got a free book, and I am pretty sure it is because of this blog.  I named a law after a noted Poli Sci humorist, A Wuffle, and now I have a copy of The Wit and Humor of Political Science, signed by none other than A Wuffle.  The book is much longer than you would think, as a compendium of mostly published pieces of snark, most written before people used that word.

The book contains one of my favorite pieces of narcissism--"Rotisserie Political Science," which I updated here and here.

Anyhow, I am willing to blog about anything if it means free stuff for me.  I will still blush.

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