Friday, August 31, 2012

Breaking Bad, Quebec Style

How do you say "Breaking Bad" en francais?  There was a major maple heist!  Really!  Millions of dollars were stolen from the (I kid you not) "global strategic maple syrup reserve."  Perhaps because my family was a bit dizzy from waiting at an ER at 3am (kid had nasty fever, doing better now), reading this story from my cell phone provided a heap of amusement. 

So many questions to ask:
  • Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve?  Um, it is possible to have a crisis where the heroes must go to the Reserve and tap into the extra Maple?  Perhaps if our adversaries are attacking us via nasty insects (see Buffy, Season 2, episode 10), we can trap them with the syrup.
  • What will the thieves do with the syrup?  Did they short the price of syrup and now plan to our the syrup back into the market?  Will they make it into candy and go door to door saying it is for charity?
  • How was it stolen? Did Walter Blanc and Jesse Tremblay stop the maple truck/train and siphon out the syrup while the drivers were distracted?
  • Can you use maple to make meth?
Any ideas from the readership?

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