Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sadness Down Under

It has been a bad month for our allies on the other side of the globe: Australia lost five soldiers, or diggers as they call them, yesterday in two separate incidents.  New Zealand almost doubled its KIA count with five soldiers in two incidents earlier this month.  All of the ISAF partners have faced tremendous stress of late, especially with the green on blue attacks--where the ANA being trained and partnered fire upon the outsiders. 

It is obviously time to go.  I will try to articulate that later, but right now I just wanted to post this video that was uploaded to the net by the New Zealand Defence Forces. 

While NZ's record of relations with the Maori is not perfect, I am pretty sure that Australia, Canada and the US could learn some lessons in the realm of the immigrants (that would be nearly all of us) and how they build upon the culture of those who lived here (wherever the here is) first.

Damn moving video.  I hope there is no need for more such moving displays of grief.

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