Friday, August 31, 2012

Moving On

Today marks the end of my ten years at McGill so, if you want to reach me, use my Carleton address (steve underscore saideman at carleton dot ca).Despite the bumps along the way, I had a great ten years.  No regrets about the move ten years ago (except I wish we had not bought a new car the previous year).  I had mostly great colleagues, fantastic students, heaps of interesting opportunities including some great travel.  Moving to Montreal also meant great skiing and ultimate.  I don't regret leaving as Ottawa has been most welcoming, but I do appreciate the folks that I met in Montreal. 

Thanks again for a great ten years.


Lauren Konken said...

Thank you for an excellent contribution to the McGill community! You will be missed!

Josh Rhee said...

Best wishes at Carleton!

Anonymous said...
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Steve Saideman said...

I screwed up and deleted a comment by someone who wanted to know when I knew it was time to move on from McGill. I will be posting a response on my main page in a few minutes

Steve Saideman said...

The deleted comment said this:
Hi Sadie,
This is job season. If you are so inclined, could you take us down memory lane and walk us through what convinced you to get out of TTU and McGill? How (un)sure were you about that decision as it was happening.
Many thanks,
-an associate professor updating his ol’ CV