Monday, August 6, 2012

Great Moments in Electoral Hypocrisy

Driving back and forth to Quebec this summer to take my daughter to and from her summer camp (multiple sessions) is exhausting.  Today, however, it was somewhat uplifting.  My daughter brought me much joy.  How so?  She spotted a Parti Quebecois poster and was most scornful of the slogan:

Pourquoi?  Because "A Nous de Choisir" is pretty much antithetical to what the PQ stands for.  The phrase means "We Have to Choose" essentially, but this is the PQ, whose program contains heaps of un-choices.  That if they are elected, they will apply Bill 101 rules that prevent Francophones and Immigrants from going to English public schools to younger and older folks.  To day care and to CEGEP (the public/free junior college/pre-university stuff between high school and college).  So, choose the party that is against choice.  Unless by choice, one means never taking yes (getting what you want) or no (nope, folks do not want independence) for answers.

It reminds me, of course, if you decide not to choose, you still have made a choice.

So, my teen found the poster to be most snort-worthy.  I could not be prouder.  

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Anonymous said...

'traduire, c'est trahir': the translation of that slogan is 'it's up to us to choose'.