Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good Excuses for Blogging Shortage

I blame global warming.  Ok, perhaps not.  But I have not been writing as much here lately.  The new job has kept me hopping.  In addition to the usual teaching, research and service, I have been named Research Mentor.  Don't know what that is?  Neither do I.  I never heard of such a thing, but it is a Carleton thing, I guess.  The idea is to have a person in each unit help with grant-writing and such. 

In my case, I am going to use the title and all the power (none) that comes with it to try to fund-raise to help NPSIA gain more attention and connectivity especially with the folks in and near government who work in the Foreign Policy/International Security/International Development business.  In addition to grants and other begging, I am to help facilitate the intellectual community via speaker series and such.  The third part is to help NPSIA develop a better web presence through blogging (yes, yet another Steve blog) and twitter and such. 

As a warmup, I have been working on a new website for myself.  It is very much in progress (it needs a heap of work), but here it is:  Check it out and give me feedback as I desperately need it.

And I will try to get back to blogging once all of my orientation meetings are past tense.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

On that page, point 4, you probably want to drop the McGill reference.

Your guide to advisees’ rocks! I really should come up with one myself.


-An AP in Montréal who really enjoys your blog.

Anonymous said...

encourage Carment to blog!

Anonymous said...

Quite nicely done, good info and clean lines of presentation.
Will be looking for more photos to appear.

R. William Ayres said...

Looks good - one typo on the "about me" page, last paragraph. I'll be interested to see how much traffic this gets vs. your blogs.