Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When All the World is a Stage

And we are just players.  I am mostly inspired by the on-going photoshoot of me.  The Faculty of Public Affairs at Carleton has a magazine, and there are folks writing an article on bloggers in the Faculty.*  So, as one of the few bloggers in the FPA (second FPA in which I am a member--Foreign Policy Analysis section of the ISA, but never mind that), they interviewed me yesterday and are shooting me right now.
*  When you see Faculty at Canadian universities, think College or School as in College/School of Arts and Sciences.
So, I thought I would blog about it so that they would have "action" shots.**  Reminds me of the TV folks in Lubbock filming at my office and needing me to type or read or do something so that they could ahve some action while the interview audio is played.
** As it turned out, they were more interested in the crap I keep around my desk than any action shot, except for one where I am holding a wand.... yes, the Death Stick!
Anyhow, the questions yesterday focused on why I blog.  Which actually caused me to ponder why others do not.  Yes, it takes some time, but it is quickly becoming the easiest way to get our ideas as knowledge creators/generators/disseminators/brokers (yes, all of those seem mighty high falutin' and I attach) out to the world.  Of course, the problem is that one can say something that might be regretted later on (see my more recent post about a certain scholar who is attacking the profession).  Still, with so many folks being upset about our publications being gated by academic publishers and that our work is impenetrable due to jargon, etc., it seems to me that we need to blog.  No longer a matter of luxury or hobby, but approaching a requirement for doing academic work if you want to be relevant.

But, of course, it is not for everyone, and the big problem ahead is getting through the clutter of millions of blogs.  Blogging is probably hitting the same process as other internet and non-internet production processes--proliferation, consolidation, merger, division, and so on.  Joining blogging collectives seems to be the thing to do these days. 

Just some ruminations while my paparazzi prepare to make me look good (and, yes, they are taking a heap of time ....).

What is your take on the present and future of blogging by academics?

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