Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It Is All Academi-c!

I posted a while back on the name-changing of the most famous private security company--Blackwater.  Because it had not only embarassed itself, but caused a major politico-military crisis for the US in Fallujah, Blackwater re-named itself Xe.  This did not last long (perhaps copyright problems with the handy website that helps people figure out exchange rates).  So, they renamed themselves Academi.  In my previous post, I suggested alternative names, but Academi seems to be sticking.

What does this mean for the company?  Why this name?  I have a few guesses:
  • Perhaps the company sought to get out of the bodyguarding business and focus more on pontificating?
  • Perhaps it felt the time was right to open up a PhD program in crisis mis-management and collateral damage maximization?
  • Perhaps it felt its skills at getting government contracts with no accountability would be better used in the art of gaining grants?
  • Perhaps its leaders felt more comfortable in tweed with elbow patches rather than camoflauge?
  • Perhaps the organization thought that profs, despite widely depicted as lechs, would be a reputational step up from out-of-control mercenaries?
  • Perhaps recklessly killing bystanders has inspired these folks to pursue the life of the mind instead?  Hard to kill somebody by mistake in my business, although I have done it a few times.
What are your thoughts?

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