Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Art Imitating Life Backwards: Reverse Corruption

I had lunch today with a woman who spent heaps of time in Afghanistan doing development work.  I mentioned one of my favorite questions: "which forms of corruption can we tolerate and which ones must we fight?) and she pointed me to this site.  The video, Payback, has a fake cop stopping Afghan cars at a checkpoint and then offering them a bribe.  That's right, rather than shaking down the people, the "cop" is apologizing and offering to pay back a bit.  See here for the news story that explain it all.

So, we have an artist making some very solid points about the corruption problem.  Unless you speak Dari or Pashto (probably the latter, but I have no idea), you may not understand what they are saying but you can see several people rejecting the "bribe."  Interesting place.

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