Monday, June 3, 2013

Best Tweet about Last Night's Game of Thrones (spoiler)

GRRM has proven that he is far nastier than JK Rowling.  Her body count only accelerated at the end.  JK waited until the end of the fourth book to kill a relatively marginal character, the end of the fifth book to kill a key character who did not appear until the third book, and only at the end of the six book to kill Dumbledore.  GRRM killed his Dumbledore, if you will, in his first book in the series.  But we are only halfway through the third of many really think GRRM books.

The internet outrage by fans of the TV show indicates that they were not paying much attention to the first 2.8 seasons, as the portents were pretty clear.  The show was a bit different in what happened to Robb's wife, but, otherwise, pretty consistent indeed.

Oh, and how did people react?

h/t to CNNSI's hot clicks

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