Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Camp Nostalgia

I am exhausted from driving back from Kingston after attending the Kingston Conference on International Security.  Rather than discussing that (tomorrow's post), I am going to review this 25 Signs You Went to Sleepaway Camp (I cut down to 20) since I am just about to go into my yearly bout of "I'd be doing x right now at camp." 

So, blue means yep, red not so much. 
  1. You think you’re good with fire because you did rope burn.
  2. Half your clothes still have name tags.
  3. You don't know the real words to any old song. Well, sort of.  I do remember the fake lyrics to songs used in color war singing contests.  Yeah, really.
  4.  Your first kiss was in the dark on a softball field.  Close enough.
  5.  You refer to a frat house as a bunk with alcohol and girls.  No.
  6.  You still get excited whenever you get a package.
  7.  You still have clothes with friends' nametags.  Nope.
  8.  You've posted your camp's zip code as your status.  Huh?
  9.  You used to divide your Buddy list into Home and Camp.  Friend on FB, sure.
  10. Whenever it rains, you wish you could have a Rainy Day schedule.  Meh.
  11.  The highest position of authority you ever held was in Color War.  Actually, I was never a lieutenant in the camp's Olympics, not even when my best friend was a General.  Never a bridesmaid...
  12.  You still refuse to stack your plate.  Huh?
  13.  You want to eat a bagel, you want some chocolate milk.  Sure, but what does that have to do with camp?
  14. Fly tape used to be your best friend.  Nope, occasionally we had horsefly problems, though.
  15.  You know the song "Taps," yet you were never in the military.
  16.  You think the younger you went to camp, the braver you were.  Maybe
  17.  You still refer to doing your laundry as "laundry day."
  18.  You used to laugh at your British counselors on the 4th of July.  Our camp tradition was being woken up on that day to Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner blasted on somebody's huge amplifier.
  19.  You've had numerous run-ins with skunks.  A few.
  20.  You have been involved in a 400 person water fight.  Close enough.
Camp was the best time of my life until college.  Lived about 44 weeks a year to enjoy 8.  All of my favorite memories before 18 took place in the mountains south of Gettysburg and north of DC.

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