Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guilty By Association and Proud Of It

People ask me why I write for so many online, Political Violence at a Glance, and Duck of Minerva--and the answer is basically this: if I can hang out with cool, smart people, then not only will I learn much, but their coolness might just rub off on me. 

So, I am very thrilled and not at all surprised that, the online site for the Canadian International Council, just won the top award in the 'Best Overall Online-Only Publication Website' category in the Canadian Online Publishing Awards [COPA].  The folks I work with at OpenCanada are top-notch.  They are quick, thorough, friendly, and responsive.  They have been doing great work on this site.  And they are all pretty damned young.  So, yeah, the kids these days .... are fantastic.

Keep on rocking the online world, opencanada.

In honor of the COPA win, here's an irrelevant song:

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