Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Rob Ford Debacle

Ok, perhaps the Rob Ford story is really sad.  A man is being brought low by his demons.... but damn, if there are just too many opportunities to make fun of the incredibly arrogant, incredibly hostile and even more incredibly successful politician.

A theme on twitter now centers on what one can do in a drunken stupor since that is what Ford uses to excuse his "one time" crack usage.  Um, sure.  Sure, when I was in a drunken stupor, I ranted about my father.... it was my bachelor party.  What else have I done while in a drunken stupor?  Not crack.

Anyhow, my favorite moment thus far is when his office tweeted that
Okay, as it turns out, I was playing with a fake account that had a picture of a quiet, calm, maybe empty office, which I dropped and replaced with Kevin Bacon from Animal House. 

Again, some folks will note that this guy has an addiction and we should not joke about it.  But if we cannot joke about a mayor who smokes crack while in office AND issued a variety of slurs at the same time, I am not sure what we can make fun of.

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