Friday, November 22, 2013

Thou Shall Not Pass

What is scarier than a knight with a big sword standing across your path?

A bridge that requires twice daily inspections is one that should be avoided.  This story about the Champlain Bridge should scare any commuter seeking to cross into or out of Montreal.  When I was thinking about leaving Montreal, I knew I would miss the Eastern Townships, which have several really cool ski areas.  Plus this was the most direct way to cross towards the US (although we had gotten in the habit of driving to the crossing near Kingston instead for non-New England trips).  I knew, however, that with the various infrastructure projects and the failing bridges that even if I had remained in Montreal, the Eastern Townships would be accessible only if I drove west to go east.

So, I miss much of Montreal and I miss Orford and Sutton, but I do not miss these kinds of stories.

Montreal infrastructure is going to suck very much before it gets any better.

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