Monday, November 4, 2013

Physio For the Phwin!

I am now a big believer in physical therapy.  Growing up and playing ultimate for years meant many ankle sprains and other injuries, and I never got any help.  I would just eventually heal, maybe wear a brace from a sporting goods store.  Eventually, I just got in the habit of wearing ankle braces when playing ultimate. 

When I hurt my knee skiing a few years ago (I was trying to slide fast near but not into my daughter to spray her with snow), I got some "physio" as they call it Canada (is that what it is called in the US?), and within a short period of time, I felt better.  This August, I hurt my achilles pretty severely the last week of the ultimate season and did not seek help, thinking it was going to get better.  It did a bit, but kept hurting.  Within a couple weeks of getting some physio, I felt better quickly.  So, I have learned my lesson.

So, if you get hurt, get to a good physical therapist.  It seems to be a booming industry in Ottawa with heaps of outlets nearby.  With their help, I have probably another few years of ultimate left. 

And other kinds of advice as well!

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